My 2014 movies!

First and foremost, I want you guys to know… that I am a Movie Geek. Like seriously, I can watch movies all day long. I think I did that twice last summer? I remembered being scolded by mom because I was still awake around 3 am and I was like, “Mom it’s summer vacation. Don’t ruin the vibe.” After that night, I limited myself to watch two movies a day and I think I even have a list of the movies I saw. I just lost my list. Crap.

Anyway, here are the movies that I’m looking forward to this 2014! I mean, you can’t beat a good movie!

1) That Awkward Moment 


Is it just me or is it just because Zac Efron’s in this movie? Yup! One of the reasons I’m looking forward to this. Who can resist seeing that gorgeous  face on screen?

2) Endless Love


Now this is a romance movie. Who wouldn’t want to watch one on a February, perhaps during Valentine’s day? Alex Pettyfer is <3.

3) Divergent 147905

Okay, so I’m not a fan of reading good books. And I heard this one’s a book-based movie. So I might as well spoil myself and skip to that part of reading? Yeah? :)

4) Captain America: The Winter Soldier


And so I’m a big fan of movies by Marvel or superhero movies. There is this part of me that wishes they are true. I think all superheros are good-looking so who wouldn’t want a real one? Haha. And this is Chris Evans we are talking about. He is Captain America.

5) The Amazing Spider-Man 2


This is one of the movies I am really really looking forward to! I might even watch this on iMAX! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in one movie! I mean Spider-Man is my favorite superhero in town! And Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses. I might drool while watching this. (I am not joking.)  *marks the calendar*

6) Neighbors 


This is just another Zac Efron movie so I think I’m obliged to watch this coz’ I really love him.  And I think Zac will be the bad boy here <3

7) Maleficient


A Disney movie featuring Angelina Jolie. I really love all the Disney films. And oh, Angelina Jolie is an epitome of overall beauty.

8) The Fault in Our Stars


Oh geez! THIS IS REALLY IS IT. As I what I told you earlier, I am not a book nerd but since this a book-based movie, I’ve been wanting to read the book for months now but I can’t really concentrate to finish it. I know this is a really good book! And I sort of know the beginning of the story. HAHA! I’m so thankful that it will be a movie! Hail all the movie producers! Hail John Greene for writing the book!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT

9) Fast and the Furious 7


Now this is the real deal. The whole Fast and the Furious series. Surely, every one will watch this! Paul Walker is a legend. He did not died, he just took the midnight train going any where… #respect

10) Resident Evil 6tumblr_madms538bu1ry15hqo1_500

Oh Alice. You’re the real badass chick.

11) The Hunger Games: Mocking jay Part 1


I am from the same district of Katniss and Peeta, so I’m going to support them on their movie. LOL. May the odds be ever in your favor.

So that’ a wrap! Hope you guys liked some of my movies. lol. Let us all look forward to watch them all next year! I’m thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

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